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If you have OCD, you know your symptoms can often get in the way of Young woman on hands and knees inspecting rug with magnifying glass Although it may be tempting to date someone you have met through a.
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When is it appropriate to share what memories? Will this person accept me when I reveal who I really am? Everyone struggles with these questions, but adding OCD into the mix can take this struggle to the next level. The intrusive thoughts that come with OCD are excruciatingly painful to live with and can be even harder to share, especially with a romantic partner.

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Whether it is the worry that you are a rapist, a murderer, a child molester, a creep, or a fraud, the person with OCD often has difficulty understanding that these thoughts are OCD related and have no basis in reality. It can seem virtually impossible to communicate that to someone else. I remember the first time I shared my worst OCD fears with a boyfriend.

Relationship obsessive–compulsive disorder

I was 18 and he was I told him because I felt he had a right to know how messed up I was. I laid it out; prepared for him to be disgusted and never look at me the same way again. Prepared for him to leave. I get you, I really really do.

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When I first start dating someone, It's kind of easy to hide my compulsions since our time together is limited and set. I use my beating heart to distract me from the oppressive thoughts I'm plagued with most days; my nervousness saving me, for once. At the start of a relationship you're so giddy about potentially falling in love that for the most part, your usual anxieties seem to fall by the way side, and as all my fellow OCDers will know, the less anxious you are, the more bearable your OCD will become.

But what about after? When the water settles and it's just you two, starting at each-other, learning everything about one another? However, I live with OCD every day, and have experience mixing the two. So today, I want to share with you the five things I've found to be key when bringing both parts of your life together as peacefully as possible.

I'm very upfront about my OCD. This may seem strange, but honestly, it has saved me a lot of stress and has helped my friends understand when I need a little help, and when it's best leave me alone.

I know many people have a hard time being upfront about having OCD or any other illness that comes with stigma, but a few years ago I made it a point to tell people early on. At the end of the day, if they can't accept you for who YOU are, then they really don't deserve your time and love.

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  7. Teach them about OCD and learn more about it yourself. If you have particular feelings of stress and anxiety, look up why that may be. My partner enjoys knowing how things work and can always deal with a situation if all the details are set out in front of him. So, I set out and made a book about OCD.

    Finding the One: Dating with OCD - Intrusive Thoughts

    I included emotional and biological reasons behind OCD, as well as a section on representation in the media. I display a handful of other OCD-like behaviors: Charlotte has the patience and understanding to accept this aspect of me.

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    But she understands that I feel better after fixing them and she loves me for it. Despite my neuroses and annoying habits, I know that she loves me regardless.


    In a relationship, you learn to accept those things about your partner that might bother you from time to time. Perhaps love does conquer all—even a mild case of OCD. Your email address will not be published. There are hundreds of thousands of missing persons cases every year in the U. Sadly, a lot of those people go into human trafficking or are …. The Frisky Popular Web Magazine. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.